Helping districts understand and deliver the schools families want and need

The System of Great Schools (SGS) Network helps Texas school district leaders ensure that more students have access to better schools every year by increasing the number of high-quality, best-fit options.

The SGS Strategy

The System of Great Schools Strategy is a district-wide problem solving approach that district leaders use to understand school performance and community demand and deliver the schools families want and need. Superintendents and Cabinet-staff use the SGS strategy to expand what works, replace what doesn’t, and pursue all possible options to create high-quality, best fit schools.

District leaders utilize four key levers to achieve their North Star goals of more students in better seats every year: analyze school performance, expand great options, improve access to options, and create new organizational structures.

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The SGS Network

Texas school districts who join the SGS Network choose to participate in a Texas Education Agency-led 4-year program that provides district leaders with strategic advising, professional learning opportunities, and access to tools and resources.

Strategic Advising

Districts are matched with an Executive Advisor (EA) firm, which guides them in understanding, planning, and implementing the SGS Strategy. Districts receive over 8 days of support per month in year one with an Executive Advisor team with a track record of success in supporting districts in Texas.

Professional Learning

The SGS Network gathers for regular workshops and events to build a robust learning community. These events include bi-monthly Chief Innovation Officer workshops, tri-annual Superintendent convenings, and an annual SGS Summit.

Tools and Resources

Network districts use a variety of models, templates, and exemplars to implement the SGS Strategy. The SGS Network supports districts to strategically access funding to jumpstart SGS initiatives, including School Action Fund grants, College, Career, and Military Readiness grants, and Math Innovation Zones.

The SGS Impact

SGS Network districts deliver on their north star goals of ensuring more students have access to high-quality, best-fit schools every year. Our District Spotlights show how local leaders are implementing the SGS Strategy and increasing the number of high-quality seats available to local students. These districts leverage the Executive Advisor firms, professional learning opportunities, and tools & resources available through the SGS Network.

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SGS News

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June 4, 2021
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July 1, 2021
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August Newsletter

August 5, 2021
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