The System of Great Schools Network

Supporting district leaders to ensure that more students attend better schools, every year.

Map of Texas with 21 SGS Districts represented including: Lubbock, Midland, Ector County, Texarkana, Garland, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Crowley, Tyler, Longview, Manor, Beaumont, Spring, Aldine, Houston, Galveston, Seguin, San Antonio, Edgewood, Judson, Victoria

Network Members

Twenty two districts, enrolling about 700,000 students, participate in the SGS Network. These districts are united by the commitment to ensure that every student has access to a high-quality, best-fit school.

Each year, our team recruits prospective applicants to join the SGS Network. All interested Texas districts are eligible to apply and are welcome to email our team with questions. 

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The SGS Network

Texas school districts who join the SGS Network participate in a TEA-led 4-year program that provides district leaders with strategic advising, professional learning opportunities, tools, resources, and support in applying for grants and other financial resources.

Strategic Advising

Districts are matched with an Executive Advisor (EA) firm, which guides them in understanding, planning, and implementing the SGS Strategy. Districts receive over 8 days of support per month in year one with an Executive Advisor team with a track record of success in supporting districts in Texas.

Professional Learning

The SGS Network gathers for regular workshops and events to build a robust learning community. These events include bi-monthly Chief Innovation Officer Workshops, tri-annual Superintendent convenings, and an annual SGS Summit.

Tools and Resources

Network districts use a variety of models, templates, and exemplar artifacts to implement the SGS Strategy. The SGS Network supports districts to strategically access funding to jumpstart SGS initiatives, including School Action Fund grants, College, Career, and Military Readiness grants, and Math Innovation Zones.

Strategic Advising

Executive Advisor (EA) firms guide Network districts in understanding, planning, and implementing the SGS Strategy. EAs are responsible for:

District Support

EAs provide detailed project management, strategic advising to District leaders and Board members, and coordination with TEA and other advisors.

District Implementation

EAs are responsible for district progress on the SGS Rubric, measured by completing SGS-related artifacts and creating the schools that families want and need. 

District Outcomes

EAs are responsible for ensuring districts meet the ultimate purpose of the SGS theory of action: dramatically improving student outcomes.

Professional Learning Opportunities

The TEA provides regular workshops and professional development for key roles in SGS Network districts, including school boards, cabinet members, Superintendents, and innovative school leaders.

Workshops, PLCs, and Lunch & Learns

Bimonthly Workshops for Chief Innovation Officers, periodic Lunch & Learn webinars, and several Superintendent & Cabinet PLCs provide insight into timely topics, with an emphasis on differentiated groups that are facilitated by state and national experts. 

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SGS Summit

The annual SGS Summit is an opportunity for Network board members, Superintendents, CIOs, and other cabinet members to learn together, share knowledge and best practices, and celebrate successes. 

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Board Support & Coaching

Boards from SGS Network districts engage in Lone Star Governance (LSG) training and coaching as part of their intensive focus upon improving student outcomes.

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Texas Authorizer Leadership Academy

Texas Authorizer Leadership Academy (TALA) builds a district staff’s capacity to authorize high-quality in-district charter operators. District may participate in a synchronous fellowship and/or access year-round asynchronous training modules.

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Tools and Resources

Network districts are provided models, templates, and exemplar artifacts to implement the SGS Strategy. EAs help SGS districts strategically apply for additional grant funding to jump-start SGS initiatives.

Tools and Resources

For each sub-lever on the SGS Rubric, tools and resources are developed through the partnership of Executive Advisors firms, Network districts, and the TEA. These are organized into three categories:

  1. Reference Materials explain parts of the SGS Strategy or study its implementation.
  2. Models and Templates are plug and play documents that can be downloaded, modified, and put into practice.
  3. Exemplar Artifacts are locally-created examples that illustrate how districts are implementing parts of the SGS Strategy.

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Grant Opportunities

With support from their Executive Advisor firm, SGS Network districts strategically pursue all eligible grants and additional funding opportunities, such as the School Action Fund, Texas Partnerships, Charter School Startup Grants, and other competitive state and philanthropic grants. These opportunities help districts launch and operate the schools that students and families want and need. For all available state grants, see the TEA Grant Opportunities Page.

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The SGS Impact

SGS Network districts deliver on the goal of ensuring more students access high-quality, best fit schools every year. Our District Spotlights show how leaders are implementing the SGS Strategy and increasing the number of high-quality seats available to students. These districts are leveraging the Executive Advisor firms, professional learning opportunities, and tools & resources available through the SGS Network.

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Joining the Network

Each year, our team recruits prospective applicants to join the SGS Network. All interested Texas districts are eligible to apply and are welcome to email our team with questions.

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