District Spotlights

SGS Districts have proven their ability to make dramatic, lasting change for students.

San Antonio ISD

Since joining the SGS Network in 2017, SAISD increased its districtwide rating from an F to a B, increased A and B seats by more than 10,000 students (an almost five-fold increase) and quadrupled the number of A and B campuses from which families can now choose.

To accomplish this, the board and Superintendent established and consistently support a theory of action to deliver high-quality instruction districtwide and empower campuses to make decisions related to their vision, strategies, and priorities. These leaders then operationalized SAISD's theory by leading the establishment of an annual portfolio planning process, expanding access to best-fit schools, building teacher and school leader talent pipelines, and running an annual Call for Quality Schools. Other strategic initiatives include:

  • the Human Capital Management department deploying a Master Teacher Initiative to strategically develop, support, recognize, retain, and reward excellent teaching;
  • the Office of Academics equitably expanding AP and advanced learning opportunitites, providing students with access to exemplary curricula, and helping teachers effectively monitor student performance data and adjust instruction; and
  • investing in new financial and operational systems to increase the focus of its central office on creating the conditions and culture for school innovation and differentiated school support.
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Edgewood ISD

Since joining the Network in 2018, Edgewood ISD has increased A and B seats by 47 percent and decreased D and F seats by 17 percent. EISD’s leaders are rapidly leveraging the full scope of the SGS Strategy by using a Quality Seats Analysis and Annual Portfolio Planning Process to inform where to start and restart schools. Through two Calls for Quality Schools, EISD has recruited high-quality school leaders at six schools, and is giving students equitable access to great schools. EISD’s Innovation Office is building EISD’s partnership authorizing capacity and is transforming central office processes to empower and support campus leaders.

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Fort Worth

Fort Worth ISD has increased A and B seats by 11 percent and cut D and F seats by 34 percent since joining the SGS Network in 2017. To sustain long-term outcomes, FWISD’s Superintendent and Chief Innovation Officer lead the district’s cabinet in a cyclical analysis of the district’s quality seats, through which district leaders plan ESF-aligned support or School Actions at each campus.

The supports and Actions are implemented using a cross-departmental project team approach. Leaders began this collaborative effort with a focus upon bold School Actions, which resulted in an 1882 partnership with Texas Wesleyan and the establishment of the Leadership Academy Network in Feb. 2019. Fort Worth ISD has since launched 9 ECHS and P-TECH programs at neighborhood schools, 2 T-STEM Academies, and is working on launching their first New Tech Academy.

District leaders have created various pathways for success for the students and families of Fort Worth with a comprehensive approach that uses the College and Career Ready Success Models (CCRSM) models, creates 1882 school partnerships, nurtures the existing 13 Schools of Choice, and focuses on building community schools through tightly aligned pyramid structures.

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Aldine ISD

One of the largest districts in Texas, Aldine ISD cut their D and F seats by a third from the 2018 to the 2019 school years. AISD leaders use an Annual Quality Seats Analysis to identify the highest-need communities and feeder patterns and utilize a planning year to create, restart, and redesign schools. The Superintendent’s and Office of Transformation’s work will provide families with more high-quality options. AISD’s Transformation Office is also coordinating innovative work on the district’s enrollment and finance systems to help families choose the school that best-fits their child and provide equitable funding to students.

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Victoria ISD

From the 2018 to the 2019 school year, Victoria ISD cut their D and F seats by more than a third. With strong support from the Superintendent and Chief Innovation Officer, district leaders are rapidly developing an annual high-quality Annual Portfolio Planning Process. In its first year, the planning process informed VISD’s Call for Quality Schools which identified campus leaders to plan and start-up innovative early childhood and STEM schools that have tightly coherent instructional models and at which campus leaders have increased autonomy over finances, staffing, and calendars.

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Longview ISD

Longview ISD decreased D and F seats to zero between the 2018 and 2019 school years. By listening to family feedback, LISD leaders engaged in a Call for Quality Schools which allowed them to identify high-quality school operators that offer specialized programs in IB and Career & Technical Education. As LISD develops choice policies that promote equity and access, district leaders are developing a school finder, choice application, and enrollment management system to improve each family’s experience and access to great schools, from the day they begin school research to the first day of school.

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