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Improve Access to Options

SGS Districts increase access to school choice options and help families identify and attend their best-fit school.

Provide Access to Schools that Families Want and Need

District leaders establish enrollment policies and practices that provide students access to all the district’s school options. Leaders provide school choice information that helps parents understand their options.

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Equitable Enrollment Policies

  • District leaders develop Equitable Enrollment Policies that allow students to transfer or opt-into a school of their choice. Policies should safeguard historically underserved populations by ensuring all schools share responsibility for their success.
  • District leaders maintain and improve a transportation system that allows students to access programs and schools outside of their zoned boundary.

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School Choice Information

  • District leaders maintain and improve the systems, tools, and supports to help families choose high-quality, best fit schools.
  • District leaders publish School Choice Information, which is clear and accessible to parents and families.
  • As public health allows, district staff host in-person or virtual opportunities for parents and families to learn about school options, such as school expos.

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Equitable Enrollment Processes

  • District leaders implement a unified and transparent enrollment System that allows all students to access all district options through one application, one timeline, one lottery, and one assignment.
  • District leaders implement equitable enrollment practices, including:
    • offering a coordinated, transparent, and family-friendly application process;
    • providing students open access to all district options; and
    • giving students who are zoned to low-performing schools preferred access to high-performing schools.

Tools & Resources


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Enrollment Equity Toolkit

The enrollment equity toolkit supports districts and partners by sharing a multi-year process to reform enrollment. Inside this toolkit district leaders will find stakeholder...


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Apply Midland School Finder

In 2020, Midland ISD launched Apply Midland to help families and parents find a school that meets their child's needs and interests. Parents can...

Midland ISD

MISD’s school board has increased access to schools of choice by establishing open-enrollment policies. To implement these policies, the district has launched a seamless unified enrollment tool—Apply Midland—which allows parents to search for, apply to, and enroll in MISD’s schools based on their child’s needs. The system includes one application, one timeline, one lottery, and one assignment for students. Finally, the district transportation system closes logistical barriers by providing students access to schools outside of their zoned boundary.

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