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January 28 SGS Newsletter

January 28, 2021

SGS application, CRIMSI, new school grant, & TXP trainings. Ector Cty. leads Network news.

January 14 SGS Newsletter

January 14, 2021

CIO Workshop, Superintendent updates, & new school grants. Longview leads Network news.

December 10th SGS Newsletter

December 10, 2020

Summit survey, motorcycle wars, remote staffing support, careers, & required TXP webinars

November 28th SGS Newsletter

November 28, 2020

Chiefs for Change (CC) announced that San Antonio ISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez has been selected as CC's new board chairman.

November 12th SGS Newsletter

November 12, 2020

SGS event updates, Dec. & Jan. grant deadlines, and career opportunities

October 29th SGS Newsletter

October 29, 2020

Summit 2020, job openings, roadmaps, and grant opportunities

October 15th SGS Newsletter

October 15, 2020

New SGS districts, Longview ISD & TEA are hiring, winter deadlines, & Covid updates

October 3rd SGS Newsletter

October 3, 2020

ACE is in the news this week! See the article below for a great piece about the Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) model in Texas.

October 1st SGS Newsletter

October 1, 2020

SAF grants awarded, TEA & Longview ISD hiring, New Tech grants, College Bridge resources

September 17th SGS Newsletter

September 17, 2020

Dr. Moulton's retirement, a successful 1st workshop, several grant opportunities, and NACSA training for junior staff

September 5th SGS Newsletter

September 5, 2020

The Division of System Support and Innovation is expanding! Please help us spread the word about two new positions: District Charter Partnerships Manager and...

September 3rd SGS Newsletter

September 3, 2020

Project Restore, CRPE shoutout, 1882 webinar info., blended learning grant, & Covid response updates