Preconditions for success

SGS District leaders should understand and commit to the SGS Strategy to sustain increased results for students.

Precondition A
Understand the SGS Strategy

District leadership teams work to understand the Four SGS Levers and align the district’s long-term strategic plan with SGS goals, measures of success, and strategies.

Build Understanding

The district’s leadership team has deep understanding of and alignment behind the SGS Strategy's Four Levers, and the work needed to implement them. 

Align the District-wide Strategies

The district’s long-term strategic plan identifies North Star SGS-aligned goals, measures of success, and strategies. In particular, the district’s goals include the target number and percent of students in A or B schools.

Precondition B
Have the political will to implement the SGS Strategy

The district leadership and board are unified in their commitment to the SGS Strategy, including through participation in Lone Star Governance and willingness to pursue all strategies to improve outcomes for students.

Align District Leaders

The superintendent and their cabinet are both committed to the SGS Strategy.

Align School Board

The Board of Trustees shows commitment to the SGS Strategy by identifying itself as having an SGS theory of action and by exemplifying Lone Star Governance principles.

Remain Open to All School Actions

The district’s leadership team is open to implementing any and all strategies that will improve student outcomes, including bold school actions. School Actions include creating new schools, restarting under-performing campuses, or closing campuses and reassigning students a higher performing school.